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Mold Air Testing: Ensure Your Home’s Air Quality with Realm Inspections


At Realm Inspections, we know that mold spores can be sneaky troublemakers, often hiding in plain sight. That’s why our mold air testing services are crucial for detecting and identifying the types of mold present in your home.

Why Take Air Samples?

Mold spores are invisible to the naked eye, and we identify mold types through laboratory analysis of air samples. This helps determine the scope and severity of a mold problem and assesses human exposure to mold spores. After remediation, new samples confirm successful mold removal.

How We Collect Air Samples

We use specialized pumps to force air through collection devices that catch mold spores. These samples are then sent to a laboratory for analysis. Many InterNACHI inspectors, including us, use air sampling as standard practice in mold inspections.

Types of Air-Sampling Devices

  • Impaction samplers: Use a calibrated air pump to impact spores onto a microscope slide.
  • Cassette samplers: Disposable devices that collect spores onto a media via forced air. These are the versions used by Realm Inspections.
  • Airborne-particle collectors: Trap spores directly on a culture dish to identify mold species.

When and How to Sample

We take air samples if we detect mold growth, moisture intrusion, water damage, or musty odors during our inspection. Even without visible signs, we might still take samples from the most lived-in room and the HVAC unit. Outdoor samples are also taken for comparison, usually from both the windward and leeward sides of the house.

Sampling Conditions

Ideal sampling spots include areas with suspected mold growth, moisture, or musty odors. Samples are taken near the room’s center, 3 to 6 feet off the ground. We run the air pump for about 10 minutes, adjusting if indoor activity might affect results. Samples are collected in closed conditions to stabilize the air and ensure accurate readings.

Weather Considerations

Weather can impact sampling accuracy. Severe storms or high winds can alter results by changing air pressure and increasing airborne spores. We aim to take samples under stable weather conditions for the best results.

The Practical Side of Air Sampling

Air sampling is a valuable tool but should be part of a comprehensive inspection strategy that includes visual checks and surface samples. It’s effective for background screening and detecting hidden mold. However, it needs careful setup to avoid skewed results due to varying indoor conditions.

In summary, air samples taken under controlled conditions are invaluable for comparing mold levels before and after remediation and ensuring your home’s air quality. Trust Realm Inspections for thorough and reliable mold air testing.


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