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Sewer scopes: Insurance Won’t Foot the Bill for Sewer Laterals

How do a sewer scope inspection, sewer laterals, and your insurance relate?  Have you ever stopped to think about what’s going on beneath your home’s surface? Most of us don’t until something goes wrong. Picture this: you’ve just moved into your dream home, and everything seems perfect, until you start noticing strange smells or weird […]

Sewer Scope Inspections: Essential for New Construction Homes

In the excitement of purchasing a brand-new home, many buyers overlook an essential step in the inspection process: the sewer scope inspection. Some might argue that since it’s a new construction, there’s no need to inspect the sewer lines. However, this assumption could lead to costly and inconvenient surprises down the line. In this blog […]

The Secrets Beneath: The Power of Sewer Camera Inspections

Ever wondered what’s beneath your property? Don’t forget crucial systems like sewer lines. Enter sewer camera inspections—simple yet potent. They uncover issues and bring peace. Let’s explore the perks and why they’re a savvy homeowner investment. What’s a Sewer Camera Inspection? Before diving into the benefits, let’s clarify what exactly a sewer scope inspection entails. […]

Outlet Receptacle Orientation: The Great Debate

Receptacle Orientation, it’s all in the profile Is outlet receptacle orientation really a thing? Do outlets have an up? Have you ever looked at your outlets and noticed that one or more are oriented differently? Have you ever been curious about whether there is a “right way” to install an outlet? I’m going to guess […]

Septic Systems: What You Need to Know

  Do you have a septic system at your home? If so, you might be wondering about how to keep it in good working order. In this article, we will discuss septic system types and maintenance, along with how to avoid costly replacements and repair costs. The three most common types There are three main […]

Crawl Space Encapsulation vs. Conditioning

Crawl Space Encapsulation vs. Crawl Space Conditioning: What’s the Difference? When it comes to keeping your home’s crawl space dry and healthy, two common options are crawl space encapsulation and crawl space conditioning. While these methods share the goal of improving air quality and preventing mold growth, they differ in their approach. In this article, […]

Gas Stoves

Gas Stoves are great but do have some drawbacks As an avid cook, I have come to gain an appreciation for gas stoves and cooking with gas. I grew up in a house with a gas stove.  Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury in my current home. Here, I am stuck using an induction electric […]

Changing the HVAC Filter

Homeowner Maintenance: Changing the HVAC Filter Part of responsible homeownership includes, of course, regular home maintenance.  And there are some tasks that, if deferred, can lead to a home system that’s inefficient and overworked, which can result in problems and expenses.  One such task is changing the filter of the home’s HVAC system.  It’s simple […]

Winterizing your home

Get your home ready for winter Winterization is the process of preparing a home for the harsh conditions of winter. Here in the south, it’s less of a concern than up north, but that doesn’t make it any less important.  Winterization is usually performed in the fall before excessive cold temperatures arrive. Winterization protects against […]

Recall Notice for Electrical Panels

Schneider Electric™ Recall: 1.4 Million Electrical Panels affected Due to Thermal Burn and Fire Hazards Name of Product: Square™ D QO™ Plug-on-Neutral Load Centers, also known as, Load Centers, Breaker Boxes, Electrical Panels Hazard: The load center can overheat, posing thermal burn and fire hazards. Remedy: Replace Repair Date: June 16, 2022 Units: About 1.4 […]

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