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Request Your 11th Month Inspection

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Why get an 11th Month Inspection for your builder’s warranty?

Imagine you’ve just moved into your newly constructed home. From the outside, the house looks fantastic, exactly as it had been promised. But after a couple of weeks or months of living in the home, you begin to notice things.

Builders anticipate this, and not out of malicious intent. It’s just the way things go. Builders have a lot to keep up with during construction: managing different trades, resources, budgets, supply chain issues, and deadlines. It’s the main reason they offer a one-year builder warranty. We recommend bringing us in at the 11th month to perform an 11th Month Inspection.  It allows just enough time to file claims if needed. Ultimately, forfeiting your option is like leaving money on the table.

For the most part, builders have your best interests in mind and want you to be happy with the home they’ve built for you. After all, they consider each house they build to be “their baby”, and they want it to be perfect, as do you.  So, we help those builders provide the best product possible for your long-term enjoyment. First, we’ll assess your home, then we’ll call out the defects we can find.  Lastly, if items are covered under your warranty, you and your builder get the opportunity to make it right.